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Our Process


The following steps detail our holistic financial planning process.

Step 1: Determine Financial Objectives
The process begins with a comprehensive analysis of your present financial resources, liabilities and objectives (both short and long term). Your current situation, future situation, family dynamics, and feelings towards risk will all be reflected in your objectives.

Step 2: Developing a Plan
The key to creating your customized plan is our disciplined approach and the process of incorporating financial products that are suitable to your unique financial goals and objectives. Our process encompasses your investment time horizon, risk tolerance, need for protection and tax considerations in the overall design of the plan.

Step 3: Implementation
We move forward only after you understand and are comfortable with all aspects of the financial plan. We will re-balance the portfolio as-needed basis if it's determined that we are outside of the range of parameters that were initially established.

Step 4: Tracking Performance
A key to prudent financial planning is to make certain that your portfolio stays on track after our recommendations have been implemented. We will meet on a regular basis to discuss the performance of your investments and determine if any adjustments are needed. We'll also conduct an insurance review to make certain your coverage still aligns to your goals.